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1 Name

writeMeshObj - For mesh debugging: writes mesh as separate OBJ files which can be viewed with e.g. javaview

Valid versions: OF Version 21.png

2 Synopsis

writeMeshObj [OPTIONS]

3 Description

Write the mesh as separate OBJ files. One for the points, one for the face centres, one for the cell centres and one for every patches.


Write points for one cell specified by its index INTEGER


Write points for the cellSet CELLSETNAME


Write points for one face specified by its index INTEGER


Write points for the faceSet FACESETNAME


Write the patch boundary edges


Write the patch faces edges

-point INTEGER

Write the point specified by its index INTEGER


Run the utility in parallel

-roots "(DIR1 [...DIRN])"

Directories through which the data are distributed

-region NAME

Specify a mesh region by its "NAME"

-case DIR

Execute the command on the case directory DIR. If not provided, use the current directory


Include the constant directory in the times list


Apply only on the latest time available


Skip the execution of the functionObjects


Exclude the 0 directory from the times list

-time RANGES

Select time steps. RANGES follows the time selection rules


Display the help and exit