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He'll teach you how to pick and choose
And how to throw the blade.
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A How-To is a text that tells you "how to do something". (So far this is an unstructured list. If there is enough stuff it will get a structure).

So far the How-Tos will be sorted by their completion status

1 How-Tos that can be of help

These How-Tos are in a finished state. In other words: their authors think, that there is not much that can be improved.

Port Utilities from older versions of OpenFOAM to version 1.3

Porting open Foam to a new (unsupported) platform

Setting up dynamic mesh cases

General debugging tips

How to prepare XEmacs/Emacs for the correct indentation

How to quickly change the mesh with blockMesh

How to postprocess multiple regions.

How to install OpenFOAM on Ubuntu (external link)

Make OpenFOAM work with any Message Passing Library

Import a fluent mesh with interfaces

Write OpenFOAM meshes

OpenFOAM and Subversion

2 How-Tos that are only planned/fragments

If you feel like writing these: go ahead (but before you do: move them to the next section)

Adding a new solver to FoamX

Adding a new wall-function.

Adding a new transport equation to a solver

Using the WaveTransmissiveBoundaryCondition

3 How-Tos that are being worked on

These How-Tos have found someone who wants to write them. After completion they will be moved to the top section.

Importing a FLUENT mesh with internal walls

Compiling OpenFOAM under Unix

Installing OpenFOAM on a Mac OS X

Compiling OpenFOAM on a Mac OS X

How to calculate mass flux with a variable density flow

Adding a new boundary condition.