Blasius Flat-Plate Flow Benchmark

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1 Benchmarking icoHeatFoam against Blasius Similarity Solution

This is wiki page that will describe the case to benchmark the modified icoFoam described elsewhere: How to Add Temperature to IcoFoam

2 Blasius Similarity Solution

This section will describe the theoretical basis of the solution.

3 Mesh Construction and Physical Properties

How to use blockMesh to create a case file for testing and what values to use for the case.

4 Boundary and Initial Conditions

How to set the boundary conditions for this case.

5 Running the Case and post-processing

  • Run the case
  • Create a sampleDict file to use with it.
  • Use gnuplot to compare OpenFOAM to analytical solution

6 Discussion of the results

  • not optimal mesh/setup because of flow acceleration
  • good agreement with analytical solution

--Mike Jaworski