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1 Short description

A patch to the blockMesh tool to enable double graded meshes, that is meshes which have a minimum or maximum cell spacing in the middle of an edge.

2 Usage

The utility works the same way as the standard blockMesh tool, but accepts negative grading coefficients in the blockMeshDict file.

For example, simpleGrading (1 -2 1) in blockMeshDict means the created mesh has cells two times larger in the center than those at the side.

The executable is called by this command:


Source of example and original code: blockMesh with double grading

3 Download

Get the most recent version here:

  • You can either use the Mercurial source code management utility (about Mercurial):
    hg clone
    cd blockmeshdg
  • Or download from ZIP:
    Which can be done directly from the command line:
    wget -O
    cd akidess-blockmeshdg-*
    chmod +x Allwmake
    find . -exec touch '{}' \;

4 History

--Akidess 13:42, 4 March 2012 (CET)