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These are utilities contributed by users.

1 Utilities that fit into the OpenFOAM scheme

The structure of this page is modelled after the directory structure of the utility sources.

1.1 errorEstimation

1.2 mesh

1.2.1 advanced

1.2.2 conversion

1.2.3 generation

1.2.4 manipulation

  • makeAxialMesh: converts a 2D-mesh into an axial-symmetric (wedge) mesh

1.3 miscellaneous

1.4 parallelProcessing

1.5 postProcessing

  • calcMassFlow: Simple Utility to calculate the mass-flow through selected boundaries and face-sets

1.6 preProcessing

1.7 surface

1.8 thermophysical

2 Other

These utilities don't fit into the above categories.