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16:31, 1 January 2017 Wyldckat (Talk | contribs) New reply created (Reply to locationInMesh Error)
12:24, 1 January 2017 Taghikhani (Talk | contribs) New thread created  

Hi. I am trying to simulate a propeller with pimpleDyMFoam solver with a new geometry and domain. but at running the snappyHexMesh command, after some warnings, the following error appears:

    Point (-0.105003 0.02607 0.06072) is not inside the mesh or on a face or edge.
    Bounding box of the mesh:(-0.571 -0.3 -0.300002) (1.989 0.3 0.299998)
   From function Foam::labelList Foam::refinementParameters::findCells(const Foam::polyMesh&) const
   in file snappyHexMeshDriver/refinementParameters/refinementParameters.C at line 103.
   FOAM exiting

As you can see the point is in the bounding box and it is not inside the mesh or on a face or edge. please help me out.

Taghikhani (talk)12:24, 1 January 2017

Wrong place to ask. Please read the HowTo Get Help On The Message Board

Wyldckat (talk)16:31, 1 January 2017