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Using these instructions, my ParaView version says it's 3.0.0, but it looks like it has the functionality of 4.x. Any idea why this is?

Pete Bachant (talk)02:07, 4 February 2016

It's a weird thing that has been going on with the latest ParaView builds and the current issue you're pointing to seems to have been introduced by this commit: bea095cc at OpenFOAM-dev

I haven't had the opportunity yet to look into this in detail.

Wyldckat (talk)22:29, 6 February 2016

Can you please start a new thread about this at ?

I took a look into this now and the only reason I've deduced for this issue to occur is if you didn't run the following command after running makeParaView4:


Therefore, I need more details and a thread on the forum is better for addressing this than here on the wiki.

Wyldckat (talk)22:46, 15 February 2016

The reason for the "3.0.0" issue is registered here:

Wyldckat (talk)10:35, 16 February 2016

Details and respective bug fix is now available here:

Wyldckat (talk)19:33, 27 March 2016