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1 OpenFOAM Turbulence Working Group

Participants: Gavin Tabor, Cedric Duprat, Fabian Braennstroem, Luca Gasparini, Thorsten Grahs, Timofey Mukha, Chandan Bose and hopefully many more ...!?

Join the [ Sig Turbulence e-mail list] to be part of the discussions!

Short personal presentations of the people in the group (add a presentation of yourself!)

2 Objectives

  • Identify common interests with OpenFOAM for turbulence , and plan joint activities.
  • Enhance OpenFOAM's applicability for turbulence modeling; eg. in the use of enhanced wall treatments, hybrid RANS-LES and LES models
  • Provide tutorials about using different approaches for turbulence modelling in OpenFOAM
  • Distribute relevant validation test cases and corresponding OpenFOAM applications.
  • Connect people with the same interest: OpenFOAM and turbulence modelling.
  • Organize meetings, workshops and collaborations.

3 Guidelines

Source files and tutorial cases should be located in the OpenFOAM extensions on under the SVN repository.

Detailed written tutorials should be added to the 'tutorial' workspace below.

4 Work space

5 Current projects

6 Publications