This page needs some serious updating done to it...

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When Bgschaid updated the wiki to the new format, it gave a higher emphasis on this particular page. I'm wondering if anyone is already assigned to updating this page?

If not, I was already planning on doing a quick update... but then stopped, because I'm intrigued on the tone for updating it?! Because at first I was reading it as OpenFOAMWiki sort-of being its own community, but then the page gives a deeper-direct connection to the Extend project.

I was planning on giving it a bit of a bit more generic undertone, in the sense that it's for the community that uses OpenFOAM technology as a whole, no matter which fork or variant, since it can benefit everyone... but I thought I should ask about it first, before starting to write it.

Wyldckat (talk)15:12, 8 November 2014

You mean "it had a higher emphasis", right? It used to be in the sidebar. The sidebar moved up and I cleaned it a bit (because the top-bar doesn't look too good if it breaks into two lines).

The original intention of the bar where the community-portal is now linked was to give people a quick jump to other relevant sites (Forum, OpenCFD-bugtracker, etc). The reason why the community portal looks different there is because it is an internal link and all the others are external. Why it doesn't directly link to extend-project I do not remember. But basically this was intended as a jump-board to that site (as you see in the history the other text was added later. I THINK the intermediate nature of the link (not direct link but prominent) was a compromise.

Haven't looked at the page in a long time. I think the second section is more or less obsolete with the foam-extend-distribution.

You'd like to make the page more general? I'd say it would be even better to link additional community activities from the front page - section 7 and/or link a generic article from there too

Bgschaid (talk)17:10, 8 November 2014

Sorry, I meant "higher" in the sense that it's on the top menu and that since it changed locations, my brain had to re-process and commit to memory how the page was structured, for optimal use in future visits :)

But the new location gave it an additional emphasis to me, because I vaguely remember that there was a wiki page that was always empty and the link for it was always in the main page... although I might also be confusing with the links at the bottom page, namely OpenFOAMWiki:About and OpenFOAMWiki:General_disclaimer.

If it's OK then, then I'll proceed with giving the page a more "general community" tone.

Wyldckat (talk)17:20, 8 November 2014

The proposition for the new page is in the sibling discussion thread Proposition for the updated page content.

I didn't publish it directly on the wiki page, since this is a somewhat sensitive topic and I gave it a deep undertone of "trade mark policy" correctness, by referring more explicitly to "OpenFOAM technology" instead of OpenFOAM itself.

Wyldckat (talk)21:41, 8 November 2014