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Note: This section of the wiki is currently under construction

1 Introduction

Welcome to this Learning Hub oriented towards OpenFOAM technology, where everyone is welcome to:

  • study from the material freely available here and referenced from the Internet;
  • contribute with more material and links to free material.

This hub currently has three main categories:

  1. Tutorials on how to get started with various topics: Learning Hub/Tutorials
  2. Practical exercises for gaining experience: Learning Hub/Exercises
  3. On-topic details for deriving deeper knowledge and understanding: Learning Hub/On-topic

Given the available information can address details that overlap between them, the following chapters provide various listing methods for the available material, to make it easier to sort through the available material.

2 Full directory listing

The following provides a list of the existing sub-pages:

3 Listing by category

TODO: The following is just an example:


4 Listing by semantic ordering

TODO: This is still just a very rough idea, but it can be something like what's already done for the FAQ and Feature/ pages.