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1 General

1.1 About OpenFOAM

OpenFOAM is an OpenSource CFD Toolbox. If you haven't heard about it before check it out at the official Website. A list of the features can be found here.

This Website is only supplementary to the official Website. If they contradict each other the official Website is right.

1.2 About Wikis

TODO: Wikis, for those who have never seen one

1.3 Other Sites with OpenFOAM content

A list of other sites with OpenFOAM-content can be found here.

1.4 Other Software to be used with OpenFOAM

Links and tips for other Software to work with OpenFOAM especially Pre- and Postprocessors.

2 OpenFOAM-Stuff in this Wiki

The main portion of this Wiki: all the things that have to do with OpenFOAM.

2.1 Documentation

Stuff that is meant to supplement the official documentation.

  • FAQ: Everything you always wanted to know about OpenFOAM, but were afraid to ask (because someone might have asked before)
  • Addenda: Remarks about the official documentation (extensions, proposals for extensions, outdated information, comments)

2.1.1 The applications

Descriptions of and other information about the executables that come with OpenFOAM.

  • Solvers: The solvers that come with OpenFOAM
  • The Tutorial Cases: Descriptions of the tutorial cases (and what the results should look like)

OK. The last point stretches the definition of application a bit.

2.1.2 Development

These things are for those who want to develop their own OpenFOAM-solver or utility

  • Code snipplets: How common tasks are done with the classes OpenFOAM provides

2.1.3 Usage

These things help you to become a better Foamer.

  • How-To do things: Articles about specific topics. For instance how to set up a specific kind of simulation
  • Tips and Tricks: Short snipplets of information. How to make certain things work. What might be wrong if a certain solver doesn't converge. Articles from this section might be moved to the FAQ.
  • Known Bugs: Things that are known not to work in the current release of OpenFOAM

2.2 User Pages

Who is using OpenFOAM and for what purposes.

  • Users: Persons and Institutions that use OpenFOAM
  • Local User Groups: Pages for groups of ' Foamheads ' that are defined by geographical criteria (vicinity)
  • Projects: Examples of projects that have used OpenFOAM (or are still using it)

2.3 Contributions

Utilities, Solvers and Examples that people want to make available to the public.

  • Solvers: Solvers based on OpenFOAM
  • Papers: Papers about OpenFOAM (Theory, Practices etc)
  • Other: Contributions that don't fit the above categories

3 Editor's Stuff

Please read this before editing this Wiki.

  • Testing site: if there is something that you want to try out: do it here