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1 Preface

This section of the wiki (Installation/Live_Images/USB-Stick for OFW11) has been written as the most detailed as possible set of instructions on how to create, successfully massively-deploy USB-sticks and alter use those USB-sticks that run Lubuntu with the all of the OpenFOAM technology software that was available up to a few months from when the 11th OpenFOAM Workshop is/was held in 2016 at Guimarães in Portugal. Website at the time:

(Wyldckat (talk) 17:45, 13 February 2016 (CET): Don't forget to update when it's mirrored onto openfoam-extend's project at

2 Objective

To make it 100% probable that everyone will be able to use OpenFOAM and foam-extend at the 11th OpenFOAM Workshop. Although this might be limited to 100% of the people that have 64-bit PCs...

3 Instructions

This is aimed at providing a fully functional USB-stick or Virtual Machine Appliance that works on VirtualBox, so that OpenFOAM and foam-extend can be accessed without going through the occasionally tough installation process. Nonetheless , keep in mind that Docker is the kind of technology that will probably supersede this kind of installation in future workshops.

The information written for this topic are spread across the following sub-pages:

User Guide
This is the User Guide meant for the people who will be trying to use these images and/or virtual machines. It also lists the software versions installed with the image designed for this workshop.
This page is needed for the next couple of pages, because this provides the main details that should be kept at all times when following the instructions on those other pages!
Deployment Guide
This page is meant for the people responsible for the deployment phase, namely those who will be sweating to burn the image onto several dozens (if not a couple of hundred) USB sticks.
It also includes information on how to create the virtual machine appliances, in case things don't run so well when trying to use the USB-stick as a bootable drive.
Creation Guide
This is where the complete instructions for the creation of the USB-stick are written and provide as many details as possible.
This is where is listed the current locations for the (virtual) disk images.
Frequently Asked Questions
This page is for the Frequently Asked Questions about this particular effort for the OFW11.

4 Full list of sub-pages

Here is the complete list of sub-pages for this current page, just in case something is missing when reading the manually compiled reading structure given in the chapter(s) above:

Installation/Live Images/USB-Stick for OFW11Installation/Live Images/USB-Stick for OFW11/Creation GuideInstallation/Live Images/USB-Stick for OFW11/Deployment Guide
Installation/Live Images/USB-Stick for OFW11/DownloadInstallation/Live Images/USB-Stick for OFW11/FAQInstallation/Live Images/USB-Stick for OFW11/Reminders
Installation/Live Images/USB-Stick for OFW11/User Guide